Laboratory For Ubiquitous Musical Expression

  • Painted Face

  • Synth-Cube

  • Solo-Touch

  • Musical Hula-hoop

  • CityU Laptop Orchestra

  • LUME Lab Space

  • Touch Accordion

  • Spray Can

(LUME) Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression

LUME (Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression) is an idea incubator at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. We are a center for the research and development of technology-enabled musical interfaces, with a focus on the needs of individuals who are normally barred from the act of music making – due to either a lack of access to formal training, social-economic disadvantages, and/or physical disabilities.

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Electric Company  (CityU Laptop Orchestra)

Electric Company (CityU Laptop Orchestra) is an electronic music "orchestra" of 10 laptop musicians. Members of Electric Company have varying musical abilities. EC musicians are truly mobile and unplugged: no wires or power cables are attached to the laptop stations. Each EC station is equipped with a macbook air, a MIDI interface, a bluetooth wireless boombox, and an array of sensors. Bio-sensing, gestural sensing, and networking capacities of laptop computers are fully exploited to musical ends. EC is a repertoire-based ensemble. Members of the orchestra and guest composers derive notated musical compositions for performances.

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Recent Projects

Recent News

Summer LUME projects – first prototypes

This week LUME students have been busy putting together a first prototype of their projects. Lots of

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LUME performs in Street Music Series!

Our LUME researchers have partnered with percussionist Louis Siu for a street music performance outside Hong Kong

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Electric Company performs with Chinese Orchestra!

Electric Company has just performed with the  Yao Yueh Chinese Orchestra. Tradition meets technology!

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Electric Company performance in FreeSpace Festival!

Electric Company has just performed in FreeSpace Festival at a rainy night (God bless our laptops!)with solo

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